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Hello, everyone!

I just joined this community because I am in need of a little history advice and I heard this was a good place to get some :D

I am looking to take the U.S. History I  CLEP test, which covers all the time between Colonization and Reconstruction.  I did some studying and took a practice test, and while I did well enough to pass, I didn't do as well as I would have liked.  It seems that about a quarter of the test is devoted to the art, music, and literature of the time period.  The textbook that I studied from didn't really address that aspect of history, and I was hoping y'all might have some suggestions....:)

Interestingly, the test had only one or two questions about the Civil War, one or two about the writing of the Constitution, and none at all about the Revolutionary War...All of which I think are very important events shaping American History. 

So, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, and thanks to Lady Jane,



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