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A discussion group for all things historical!
history_haven is a community dedicated to the historical discussion and debate of all time periods and all countries. Contemplation and discussion of historical non-fiction, historical documentaries, historical fiction novels, and historical fiction movies is also welcome. Recommendations for such works are appreciated.

We wish to emphasize that it is not required for you to be versed in historical facts for you to enjoy this community. Anyone is welcome to comment and post as long as the subject is relevant to the purpose of this community. You are more then welcome to share your opinions in any discussion.

Ask questions! If you are curious about a piece of history being fact or fiction, feel free to ask us.

Please, remember to tag your entries. This makes it more convenient for other members to find archived posts they are interested in. Ultimately, the moderators are responsible for organizing entries and will to see to the tags. Feel free to request tags.

If your post is especially long (over 400 words) or contains more than one picture, please hide the bulk of the text or pictures under an LJ Cut.


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history_haven possess it's very own virtual Chatzy room. The name of the room is Historicus Fanum (Latin for Historical Sanctuary), and one can enter the room from the link on the community's sidebar.

One can only view the password post if one is a member of the community. Please, read the chat-room and password rules in the post very carefully.

There are no subject limitations on the chat-room. Feel free to discuss anything that is appropriate.

Official Chats

history_haven hosts two official chats every other weekend.

Here is the schedule.


Eastern Time: 10-11

Central Time: 9-10

Mountain Time: 8-9

Pacific Time: 7-8

Alaska Time: 6-7

Hawaii Time: 5-6


Eastern Time: 5-7

Central Time: 4-6

Mountain Time: 3-5

Pacific Time: 2-4

Alaska Time: 1-3

Hawaii Time: 12-2

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We do not allow essays to be posted to history_haven. If someone copied the essay, the community could be put in legal jeopardy. Feel free to post facts you've learned while researching for essays or make the essay less formal.

This is what we mean.


Although the characters in "Prometheus Bound" suffer for loyalty or are rewarded for disloyalty, it is the loyal characters that are sympathetic.


I thought it was interesting that characters didn't always get what they deserved - which is more like real life, but not exactly what was expected at the time. The author did make it obvious that they were better people, though...

You may post a link to your essay on history_haven from another community that allows essays or from your journal, but please add an obvious disclaimer to state that this is your work.

Something like this is what we mean.

Disclamer: The following essay is the property of (insert username here). Copying without crediting the owner is forbidden.

Please, do not plagiarize.

Content Warnings

If your post contains graphic descriptions and/or graphic images of violence; gore; or; the like, please include a content warning at the beginning of the post and hide the content in question under an LJ Cut.


Warning: The following contains graphic descriptions and/or images of violence, that may not be appropriate for those under the age of (18 or 13 depending on the nature of the content). Those with sensitive dispositions are advised to read no further.

You may also use Livejournal's adult content tagging feature.

Conduct Rules

-no rude or abusive comments

-all discussions should be appropriate for teens

-please, keep swearing to a minimum

-no spamming

-have fun



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A historical RPG based on the BBC's Robin Hood.


Question of Affiliation

history_haven allows the advertisement of other history related communities on the forum. If you wish to become an affiliate, which includes the privileges of a link to your community on the history_haven sidebar and a mention in our profile, please contact the moderators using this thread and put in a formal request.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact thelasteddis (head-moderator) or ninedaysaqueen (co-moderator) by private message or by our help thread. We would be happy to assist.